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"Healthy body mechanics and balance are critical for your animal's overall health.""
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Kenzie--Madison, Wisconsin

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"Thank you, Michelle, for such great work with my horses' teeth this morning! You are awesome and appreciated!" (Karen Braun posted on Holistic Veterinary Options Facebook, July 2, 2012)

"Thank you for taking care of Doc Watson's teeth! No more head shaking!" (John Owne posted on Holistic Veterinary Options Facebook, June 25, 2012)

"Our dog Codi suffered from a debilitating degenerative spinal condition-Dr Krusing's acupuncture treatments provided him with amazing pain relief, significantly increased his mobility and gave us more quality time with our beloved dog. She is a compassionate healer and provides valuable insight to pet owners." (Copied from LINKED-IN. Written by Marianne Flynn Statz, March 20, 2012)

"Michelle can be a great veterinarian for you and can be a great friend to you. I am honored to have both." (Copied from Holistic Veterinary Options Facebook. Written by Cindy Lease, January 2012)

"Michelle has worked with my horses for many years. Horses ranging from age 6 months to 40 years of age. Considerate but yet effective." (Copied from Holistic Veterinary Options Facebook. Written by Ingrid Krause, January 2012)

"Love her Chiropractic work. Michelle has made many of my horses feel better! Keep up the good work!!" (Copied from Holistic Veterinary Options Facebook. Written by Teri Durst Bedner, January 2012)

Horses grazing "I absolutely love having Dr. Krusing as my horse's veterinarian. Not only has she consistently been patient with my sometimes difficult arabian gelding, she takes the time to truly explain what she is doing and why it is important for my horse's health. I absolutely appreciate being able to understand what is being done and why it is essential keep him happy and healthy! Additionally, her chiropractic services have been invaluable at the barn that I board at - it is amazing to see the difference in comfort and demeanor some of the horses have had after an adjustment."
(Written by Rachel Andrews, December 2011)

"Thank you so much for Bellas adjustment. She was so much more pleasant, and our next ride was amazing! You are awesome at what you do. Thank you so much." (April 12, 2012 email from Kristin Fiscus, Emilys Ten Oaks)

"Dr Krusing has been my vet since she got out of vet school. She is a joy to work with and her dedication to continuing education shows how much she cares about each and every animal she comes in contact with. I would, and do, recommend her to anyone that is looking for a great veterinarian/chiropractor/acupuncturist. My horses love her." --(Anita DiModica posted on Facebook, October 2012)

My quarter horse Belle was exhibiting some lameness in her right front.Belle at trot I had Dr. Michelle Krusing Weidenkopf out to do an evaluation and she recommended we try chiropractic. You can see in this photograph that Belle was very braced. After the treatment of her right shoulder and several other areas, Belle showed immediate improvement. She no longer had any signs of lameness, her spirit improved and she stopped bracing. I was blown away by the results and they were immediate. I had Dr. Krusing Weidenkopf out this spring again for a check up and Belle needed only a minor tune up. Dr. Krusing Weidenkopf is highly effective and knowledgeable. I am so thankful for her compassionate and excellent care. Belle and I are back on the trails. (Alissa Gauger, April 2014)

Hi Michelle,
You’ve made a huge difference in Codie’s life! From a horse that was deemed unridable to winning Novice Combined Training at her first show ever. This horse clearly enjoys her new job because she’s able to do it comfortably!

Of course, videos or it didn’t happen:

Dressage: http://youtu.be/gjqQ2CgbCZM
Stadium: http://youtu.be/79ayqRS4-V4

Huge thanks for all you do, from both me and Codie! —Cathrin Weiss, May 2014

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