To Insure or Not - Is Purchasing Pet Insurance A Wise Choice?

I’ve seen more and more pets benefit from pet health insurance. Policies range from luxury plans that cover all costs, including routine care to basic plans that only cover injury and illness. The cost of coverage depends upon how the plan is customized, but I have been surprised at the low cost of some of these policies.

Not only can insurance pay for unexpected emergency care, but I am seeing it cover routine acupuncture and chiropractic. Veterinarians try their best to keep costs low, however, emergency veterinary services can devastate the finances of the average person. An emergency visit for a digestive blockage in your dog can top $3000.00 and it will be closer to $6000.00 for a horse. Removal of a small sarcoma from a dog’s paw including lab work will cost about $800.00. (Compared to human medical costs you are still getting a great price for quality care!)  During a stressful emergency situation it is awesome if finances don’t play into decision making when contemplating your pet’s medical care. 

Pet insurance research can be done online. Also check in with your employer. Some are now offering discounted pet insurance as an employee benefit. Look at several different pet insurance companies to compare coverages and rates. Before deciding which policy best fits your pet’s needs, read the fine print. Pre-existing conditions and many genetic conditions are usually excluded. Once a condition is noted in a pet’s medical record it will be considered pre-existing. When a claim is filed, the insurance company will check the pet’s medical records and may contact the vet for additional information about the claim.