4/9/2022 - Ask A Holistic Vet

Join Michelle Weidenkopf
Saturday, April 9, 1PM-4PM
Looking for more holistic solutions or nutritional advice for your pet’s ailments?


Come talk to Dr. Weidenkopf!

$10 suggested donation for 10 minutes of advice (no appointment necessary) 

All $ will be matched by BDF and donated to the American Holistic Veterinary Medicine Foundation

(AHVMF) is a nonprofit organization that funds investigations to advance animal health through integrative holistic veterinary medicine. 

The Foundation is at the forefront in funding scientific research and education in complementary veterinary treatments for cats, dogs, horses, and livestock. 


About Dr. Weidenkopf:

  • Practicing veterinary medicine in WI since 1995
  • Focusing exclusively on holistic and chiropractic veterinary care since 2010
  • Experienced in holistic care for horses, livestock, and companion animals

    Great topics to ask Dr. Weidenkopf
  • Itchiness
  • Sensitive stomach, loose stools
  • Vomiting/nausea
  • Chronic disease (kidney, liver, pancreas, IBD)
  • Mobility issues