Equine Dentistry

Dr. Weidenkopf has had a special interest in equine dentistry since graduating from veterinary school in 1995.  During the dental procedure a full mouth speculum, bright light, and sedation are necessary to allow for a complete oral examination and proper teeth floating. The oral examination includes evaluating the soft tissues of the mouth as well as the teeth.

Teeth are evaluated for balance, points, cavities, diastema, fractures and other dental issues. Proper floating includes removal of sharp points and balancing the dental arcades. Poor balance can lead to discomfort and pain, ineffective chewing, hoof imbalances, TMJ, chiropractic, performance and behavior issues.

Dr. Weidenkopf does use power dental equipment. This decreases the time spent under sedation. Care is taken to not overheat the teeth while using this equipment. During procedures, the head is supported by a dental halter or on a dental stand. This allows for good visualization of the teeth which is necessary for a thorough examination and floating/balancing.