Ingredients You May Want To Avoid In Your Horse's Feed

Ingredients You May Want To Avoid In Your Horse's Feed

Below is a list of ingredients used by the horse feed industry. We recommend eliminating as many of these ingredients as possible in your horse’s feed. You can do some research yourself to decide whether you want to feed them or not. We have provided a link to assist you in that determination. We will continue to add information to this list in the future.

Ammonium Hydroxide - preservative that increases Ph of product

Artificial Coloring and Flavor Enhancers - adds to visible appeal and palatability

BHT - Butylated Hydroxtoluene - preservative to prevent oils from oxidizing/rancid

BHA - Butylated Hydroxanisole - preservative to stop oils from becoming rancid

Calcium Propionate - mold inhibitor for acidic Ph feed

Calcium and Magnesium  Stearate - emulsifier, binder, thickener (not a Calcium or Magnesium supplement)

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil - a stabilized fat that increases shelf life, adds texture

Lignin Sulfate - binder in pelleted feed, byproduct of wood processing

Nitrates/Nitrites - preservatives to increase shelf life and color

Propyl Gallate - preservative for fats to prevent oxidation and rancidity

Propylene Glycol - moisture retention

Propionic Acid - preservative to increase shelf life

Sodium Benzoate - preservative for foods with high acidic Ph

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