Integrative Medicine

Is an approach to care which uses an appropriate combination of veterinary medicine and holistic medicine to treat a medical condition.

Dr. Weidenkopf's experience in both equine veterinary medicine and complementary medicine will allow her to tailor an effective and cost efficient care plan for your horse. For example, a horse with arthritis would have treatment options that include oral joint supplements, injectable joint supplements, joint injections, oral non-steroidal medications, chiropractic and acupuncture, proper exercise plans, possible shoeing changes and proper dental maintenance.

All of these treatment options would not be necessary in every case. An experienced holistic veterinarian has the knowledge to choose and provide the appropriate treatments for each individual case.

Services offered Include -

Chinese herbal therapy
Food therapy
Laser therapy - class 2 and class 4
Hair mineral analysis
Vaccine titer testing
Lameness evaluation
Saddle evaluation
Prepurchase examinations
Kinesio taping
Essential oil therapy

Commonly treated conditions Include -

Back pain
Bug sensitivity
Autoimmune disease
Uveitis or other chronic eye conditions
Immune system
Any other condition causing pain

Lameness conditions such as -

Chronic laminitis
Navicular syndrome
Soft tissue injuries (muscle/ligament/tendon)
Wounds and scars