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A Holistic Approach To Equine Care

A Holistic Approach To Pet Care

Integrative Medicine To Keep Your Family Members Healthy

New Clinic in Madison Opening Soon!

Providing your pets with holistic options for better health. Follow us on Facebook for updates.

A Holistic Approach

Holistic Veterinary Options is a holistic veterinary practice offering quality integrative medical care for the horse, dog and cat.

Holistic Veterinary Options is based out of Wisconsin Dells, however, this summer (2023) we will open a new facility in Madison Wisconsin for pets. The new clinic will start seeing pets for chiropractic care, acupuncture, titers and vaccinations, mineral hair analysis, diagnostic services and holistic consultations. Once fully complete we will also provide dental care and surgery options. Our clinic is designed and will operate using the Fear Free model. Equine appointments will continue to be done in the field or at designated facilities which include Dells Equine Veterinary Services in Wisconsin Dells or Country View Equine Clinic in Oregon and will be by appointment only.

We look forward to seeing you and your pet. Call 608-432-2522 to set-up an appointment.



Is a holistic approach to treating health and performance problems. Chiropractic is the manipulation or adjustment of joints and their related structures.

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Is the insertion of thin, flexible needles into predetermined points on the body to produce specific physiological responses by stimulating the nervous, endocrine and immune systems of the body.

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Equine Dentistry

An oral examination with full mouth speculum to evaluate the teeth and soft tissue of the mouth. Proper floating to remove sharp points and balance the dental arcades.

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Integrative Medicine

Approaches health of the horse, dog or cat using the appropriate combination of veterinary and holistic medicine to provide preventative care or to treat a medical condition.

Herbal and Nutritional Therapy

Used alone or in combination with acupuncture and other therapies to treat subacute, acute and chronic conditions.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy (i.e. photobiomodulation therapy- PBMT)  is used to treat inflammation and relieve pain.

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Dr. Michelle Krusing Weidenkopf, DVM

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Dr. Michelle is amazing to work with! She is compassionate and knowledgeable and I really appreciate her integrative, yet practical approach towards animal wellness. She has cared for two of my horses now and I continue to be impressed with the great care she provides. I highly recommend her if you are searching for a holistically minded practitioner!

Katherine Arnaud

Michelle has worked with my horses for many years. Horses ranging from age 6 months to 40 years of age. Considerate but yet effective.

Ingrid Krause

Dr Michelle has dramatically improved the overall health of my horse. She really takes the time to listen, observe and treat them, paying attention to details. She is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough, and she is always the first vet I go to with any concerns.

Catherine Wunderlich

I'm so grateful that I found this vet practice! When I called to make the appointment, Andrea explained everything that I needed to know before my appointment with Dr. Michelle and sent me an intake form to fill out, so they knew what I was looking to get out of the appointment and know the history/ current health of my dog. Both women are both great! Dr. Michelle was able to give me in depth answers on all of my questions and gave me a plan to keep my 9 month old dog healthy and happy. She was wonderful with my young dog, and I'm looking forward to bringing in my other dog! I was really impressed, and my pup was not stressed during the appointment! Highly recommend!

Katherine Zietzor