Presentations given by Dr. Michelle:

  • In February 2017, spoke at the Dane and Columbia County Tack Sale (a public event) on “Acupuncture and Chiropractic for Treating Lameness Problems in the Horse”.
  • February 2016, gave a presentation about equine dentistry at the Dane and Columbia County Tack Sale.
  • During the Holistic Horse Fair at The Horse First Farm on May 18th and 19th, 2014, spoke on equine chiropractic. My presentation covered knowing if your horse needs an adjustment, what causes misalignments and how chiropractic is done on a horse. I also discussed how chiropractic issues relate to dental balance, hoof balance, saddle fit, lameness, pain and performance. I provided an informational booth at the fair for the weekend event too.
  • May 2014, lectured on integrating chiropractic and acupuncture into care of the horse at the Equine Wellness Open House at Norwegian Hill Farm.  It was promoted by the Equine Wellness Collective. 
  • In February 2014, spent the day presenting a talk on “Integrative Medicine for the Sport Horse” at the Wisconsin Dressage and Combined Training Association Central Chapter Meeting.  

Learning opportunities Dr. Michelle has participated in:

  • October/November 2020, I attended a virtual conference of the American Holistic Veterinary Association. The lectures that I participated in included information on chiropractic (neurology and physical therapy), acupuncture, laser therapy, essential oil therapy, managing chronic kidney disease in cats and rehabilitation therapy for dogs with cranial cruciate tears. There was a total of 6 hours of educational lectures.
  • October 2020, for 3 hours I was a participant in a lecture on Glyphosate (Round-Up) Exposure, Toxicity and Detoxification.
  • On January 25, 2020, I attended a training course at the UW Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital entitled "Humane Equine Euthanasia by Various Firearms." The course provided 4.8 hours of scientific continuing education credits.
  • From 2019 through 2020 I am participating in an online veterinary herbal medicine course through the Chi Institute that is 146 credit hours and will take two years for completion.
  • February 2019 I attended a Spinal Manipulation and Physical Therapy course for continuing education credit of 7 hours
  • In November 2018 I attended a Biomechanics course by Jillian Kreinbring M.S.  It was hosted at Beomor Farm in Fitchburg. The 2 ½ day lecture series explained healthy movement in depth and gave the attendees an opportunity to develop their eye so they could see healthy and unhealthy postures. Participants learned what to look for in healthy movement and muscular development, discovered what creates healthy postures in riding horses, evaluated a horse posture and anatomy from a new perspective and added tools to develop a horse's postural strength.
  • October 2018 Attended 1 day Equine Dentistry Lectures and Labs at Equine Veterinary Dental Services (Dr. Molly Rice and Dr. Travis Henry). Focus was on identifying problems during the dental exam and taking and reading radiographs to evaluate dental problems.
  • September 2018, participated in a Veterinary Professional Series Seminar hosted by Standard Process. There were private practice veterinarians presenting information on dietary supplementation, nutrition used to support good health, probiotics and nutrition during rehab, and nutrition to treat illnesses.
  • During the Wisconsin Equine Practitioners Association conference in August 2018, attended a 1 day seminar on the subjects of pain management strategies for horses and neonatology.
  • October 2017, during the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association annual conference and I took five learning sessions that addressed equine nutrition, hay in the equine diet and disorders related to nutrition.
  • September 2017, attended a 2 day (15 hour) acupuncture seminar in Ridgeway, Colorado.
  • In October 2016, went to a 2 day seminar in Lexington, Kentucky titled “Back, Sacroiliac and Pelvic Problems in the Horse- Diagnostic Techniques and Treatment Options”.
  • Healing Oasis Wellness Center in Sturtevant provided attendees of their clinic on “Equine Basic and Advanced Techniques an Intensive Review with Clinical and Functional Neurological Applications” with fifteen hours of classroom and lab. I participated in this clinic in August 2016.
  • October 2015, attended a training day pertaining to Large Animal Emergency Response.
  • I went to 15 hours of lecture on acupuncture and veterinary medicine at the North American Veterinary Conference January 2015.
  • In September 2014, participated in a training day pertaining to Emergency Procedures, Wounds and Sinus Surgery in the Horse.
  • January 2014, listened to a lecture on "Saving Lives with Antibody Titer Testing" by Dr. Ron Schultz.
  • I participated in the Wisconsin Dressage and Combined Training Annual Banquet. While there I attended two very informational lectures. The first was with Dr. Hilary Clayton entitled "Conditioning the Sport Horse and Back Pain." The second was Dr. Doug Langer who spoke on advanced treatments for conditions such as arthritis and tendon injuries.
  • Took a 5 credit course--Dental Issues as they Relate to Posture and Chiropractic Care of the horse and dog in December of 2013.
  • I completed a 9 credit course--Gait Analysis of Horses and Dogs in December of 2013.
  • In September 2012, attended a veterinary conference focusing on the equine foot.
  • Went to a chiropractic conference focusing on craniosacral adjustments in October of 2012.