Small Animal Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine is powerful therapy. Sometimes we use it alone. Other times we use it as an adjunct to western medical treatment.

For example cancer treatment may need western medical care such as surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. Acupuncture can be used along with those treatments to balance out the immune system and treat the side effects that come along with cancer therapy such as decreased appetite and pain.

Sometimes treating the cancer with western medicine is not an option. Acupuncture can be used alone to improve quality of life.

Animals with many of the following conditions can benefit from acupuncture, chiropractic and/or Chinese herbal therapy:

- Any condition causing pain
- Allergies and Autoimmune diseases
- Lick Granulomas
- Chronic Ear Infections
- Neurologic conditions such as Paralysis, Vestibular Disease or Seizures
- Disk Disease
- Chronic Eye Problems
- Metabolic Conditions such as Diabetes or Thyroid Disorder
- Chronic Urinary Tract Infections or Stones
- Diarrhea, Constipation, Vomiting
- Behavior Conditions

Common symptoms of pain in dogs and cats include:

- Decreased social interaction or activity
- Difficulty rising, stiff posture or movement
- Poor appetite
- Biting or snapping at people or other pets
- Whimpering, growling / hissing or spitting
- Weak tail wag in dog or tail flicking in cats
- Guarding behavior
- Refusing to move or hiding
- Muscle twitching or avoiding touch